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New Voices for New ChoicesSM
Women's Advocacy Action Network

The Women's Advocacy Action Network is comprised of women standing together to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.

MWE Address WAAN in Columbus, OhioParticipants are called together to address common concerns for children, life, values, and respect. Women want to make a difference. There is power in the voices of women joined together. The New Voices for New Choices network will meet regularly to receive information about children’s needs, issues, government programs, legislation and actions needed. The women will take the information back to their individual congregations, faith networks, and organizations to carry out whatever action plans were discussed at the meeting—phone calls, letter writing, petition circulation, organizing forums, or testifying at hearings, etc. At least once a year, there will be a major gathering of the New Voices for New Choices network for a prayer and action service.

The four committees of the Women's Advocacy Action Network include:

  • Public Awareness: Participants identify methods of informing the community amend increasing levels of consciousness about issues impacting children and possible actions to be taken.
  • Advocacy: Participants speak on behalf of children to individuals, organizations, businesses, and political leaders. An example of advocating for a particular issue is attempting to educate and persuade others of the importance of the issue.
  • Faith Based: CDF Freedom Schools® and National Observance of Children's Sabbath® participants meet with churches to educate and inform them of the National Observance of Children's Sabbath Celebration and CDF Freedom Schools program with the intent to increase participation. 
  • Legislative: Participants assist in reaching out to legislators regarding issues that impact children; they may be asked to meet with legislators regarding proposed bills, provide testimony, write letters and take other actions.

Women of Faith Advocacy Action Network

Women of Faith Action Advocacy Action Network represents women of faith who have a heartfelt desire toprovide a strong, effective voice for the children of Greater Cleveland, who cannot lobby, vote or speak for themselves. This network of ecumenical and interfaith women, is particularly concerned about the needs of poor and minority children and families.

Women of Faith seeks to unite the voices of women across race, class, religion and geography, to seek justice for children and to educate the greater Cleveland community about the needs of children through its faith network.  Believing that there is power in united voices, Women of Faith engages both clergy and  laity. Women of Faith believes that there is a vast untapped source of energy within women who are faith centered.

Women of Faith:

  • Provides opportunities for educating congregations and the public about the needs of children, and propose solutions for addressing those needs.
  • Identifies needs of children and low income families to the faith communities.
  • Encourages, engages in and mobilizes for systematic change at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Links Women of Faith Advocates to the national Leave No Child Behind® movement

Call (614) 221-2244 for more information for the Central Ohio Women's Advocacy Action Network or (216) 298-4480 for information for the Cleveland Area Women of Faith Advocacy Action Network.

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