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In This April 2007 Edition:

>> Over 214,000 Children Born Without Health Insurance - There is a Solution

>> True Stories of Children Living (and Dying) Without Health Insurance
>> Susie for President: An Update on the Campaign

>> Upcoming Event: Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry (July 16-20)
>> New Report: Free Tax Preparation Options Help Families Gain Back Millions

Over 214,000 Children Born Without Health Insurance

All Healthy Children Act CounterDid you know that at press time more than 214,000 children have been born without health insurance since the 110th Congress began on January 4, 2007? A number of bills have been introduced in this 110th Congress in an attempt to solve the problem of the nine million uninsured children in America. Earlier this month, Congressman Robert Scott (D-VA) stepped forward to do something real for our children with his introduction of the All Healthy Children Act (HR 1688).

Unlike other health care proposals, Rep. Scott's legislation guarantees all nine million uninsured children and pregnant women access to the health care they need. Because of this, CDF has endorsed the All Healthy Children Act (HR 1688) and applauds Congressman Scott for having the vision to make health and mental health care a reality for all children in America.

Learn more about the All Healthy Children Act (HR 1688) and CDF's Healthy Child campaign.

(You can watch that number grow by the minute with the new counter on our homepage.)

Susie for President

Elect Susie FlynnHave you met Susie Flynn yet? She’s the 10-year-old presidential candidate behind the "Elect Susie" campaign that CDF launched a few months ago to build awareness of the nine million uninsured children in America and our legislative plan to provide all children in the U.S. with health insurance. Susie’s political slogan: "Nine million children need a solution now — in 2007."

Although Susie was unable to attend the first debate of the 2008 presidential campaign last week, she did provide answers on her website to the health care questions posed to the candidates who were at the debate.

Want to support Susie? You can:

Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry (July 16-20)

Haley FarmJoin more than 500 religious leaders, seminarians, Christian educators, and other faith-based advocates for children this July at CDF Haley Farm in Tennessee for five days of spiritual renewal, networking, movement-building workshops, and continuing education about children at the 13th Annual Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry. Explore how your faith relates to justice and children; hear inspiring preaching about children's concerns; gain accurate, up-to-date information on children's needs; and participate in workshops to acquire new skills, best practices, and strategies to implement programs to help children and strengthen families in your own congregation and communities. Don't miss this transforming week.

Free Tax Preparation Options Help Families Gain Back Millions

TaxesThe good news is that throughout the country this past month, millions of families claimed billions of dollars in Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) refunds. The bad news is that a large percentage of these taxpayers paid outrageous fees to have their taxes prepared and to receive their refund more quickly. However, the growth of free tax preparation sites in recent years has given taxpayers more options at tax time enabling them to save money.

CDF's new report, Keeping What They've Earned: Tax Credit for Working Families, details the savings free tax preparation sites provide and outlines how government officials and community leaders can save hard working families even more money during tax season.

Check out the report to see how much working families in your state could save next year.

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